A Trilogy of Grace

A Trilogy of Grace

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Grace is a Divine work of art, composing a trilogy of meaning. It is the unsought favor of God; simply elegant refined movement; and the act of honoring another with one's presence. In this series, I invite you to join me in journeying deep into the confluence where these three tributaries flow into one great river of grace. Embarking from the shore of my book entitled Grace, Moving in Divine Alignment, we will dive into the substance of grace and absorb it more and more, day by day, with special spiritual practices of sacred dance, movement, meditation, and so forth. I look forward to sharing this 3-week adventure in deepening our personal relationship with God and grace.

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A Trilogy of Grace
  • Prelude: Introducing Grace

    Episode 1

    Drawing from an endless well of grace, I share the inspiration of this journey with you.

  • Day 1: Meeting Grace - Part 1

    Episode 2

    In today's segment of our journey, I will share the layers and intersection of the meaning of grace that enliven me, and guide you in meditation upon your own personal relationship with what grace means to you.

  • Day 1: Meeting Grace - Part 2

    Episode 3

    Today's Practice: A Guided Meditation on what grace means and feels like to you.

  • Day 2: Tasting Grace - Part 1

    Episode 4

    In this segment, I share my appreciation of the flavor of grace sweetened by the touch of Divine Hands and tasted through the authentic expression of the soul moved by inspiration.

  • Day 2: Tasting Grace - Part 2

    Episode 5

    Today's Practice: A Moving Meditation containing the flavor of grace.

  • Day 3: Embodying Grace - Part 1

    Episode 6

    As the lotus opens at dawn and dances with the sun, I look at this beautiful example of embodying grace as we move with the Creator.

  • Day 3: Embodying Grace - Part 2

    Episode 7

    Today's Practice: A Guided Movement Sequence embodying grace like a lotus.

  • Day 4: Reflecting Grace - Part 1

    Episode 8

    Today I look with you at the way of grace and its reflection in every species of life and feature of creation.

  • Day 4: Reflecting Grace - Part 2

    Episode 9

    Today's Practice: A Guided Meditation on exemplars of grace in nature.

  • Day 5: Following Grace - Part 1

    Episode 10

    In this piece of our adventure in grace, I keep my eye on God with you, following Divine lead in faithful friendship.

  • Day 5: Following Grace - Part 2

    Episode 11

    Continuing the discussion, the lotus shows us the way to open our hearts faithfully.

  • Day 5: Following Grace - Part 3

    Episode 12

    Today's Practice: A Healing Dance following God's lead.

  • Day 5: Following Grace - Part 4

    Episode 13

    This is an extended version of the healing dance practice begun in Part 3.

  • Day 6: Pausing in Grace - Part 1

    Episode 14

    Still looking to the imagery of the lotus as it gently rests at sunset, I appreciate the power of the pause with the grace of patience to await Divine right time and illumination to move.

  • Day 6: Pausing in Grace- Part 2

    Episode 15

    Today's Practice: Embodying the Grace of Patient Pause